5 ways to ruin your online home presentation

Because you can learn from your mistakes, it's helpful to know what the most common mistakes are in an online home presentation, because selling your home starts on the internet via home sites. If your online presentation is not appealing, chances are there will be little to no viewings for your student rental or social housing. Or, you must have your property priced so competitively that presentation doesn't matter much anymore. But presumably you want to get the best price for your property, so don't fall into the following traps.

1. Taking pictures of your property yourself

This is the number one mistake. It may seem so easy to take pictures of your property yourself. Nowadays, everyone has a good digital camera, which you can use yourself. But compare the photos you take yourself with those taken by professionals. A house photographed by a professional photographer looks much tighter. It all depends on the right wide-angle lens, exposure, composition and post-processing. Even though your home is still so tightly decorated, in amateur photos, your home will never look stuffy.

2. Too few photos of your home

Don't think that few photos will arouse the curiosity of viewers. If you have a house with 4 bedrooms. Viewers really want to see those 4 bedrooms. If you don't show all the rooms in your house in photos, it will arouse viewers' suspicion rather than curiosity. For an average 3 to 4 bedroom home, a minimum of 20 photos is recommended. Do you have a larger, detached house with lots of authentic details or a beautiful large garden? Then it's definitely worth doing a 30-40 photo shoot. Better too many than not enough.

3. No plan

Even if you have such beautiful photos of your house, without a floor plan, a web surfer can't get an accurate idea of the real size of the house. A floor plan is therefore essential. Very nice and super clear is a 3D floor plan in which even the furniture is drawn.

4. Too much or too little text

The internet is a visual medium, so most internet users will first look at all the pictures of your house, your furnished rental, and even the bathrooms. If they are attractive enough, they will read your sales text, your registration number and the visual guarantee. It is important that the text is complete, concise and easy to read, but that it remains honest and informative like the insurance certificate or home insurance. Be sure to describe items that are not visible on the floor plan and photos. For example, the brand of your luxury kitchen, the child-friendly neighborhood, the type of furnace, the location in relation to stores, the sports club, the park, the health care facilities.

5. The property is not yet ready to sell.

Rushing is rarely good. Only when your home is in perfect condition for sale are you ready to make the presentation for the internet or have it made. Investing in a sales stylist may seem unnecessary, but this investment is often easily paid back by a higher sale price or a faster sale. A sales stylist will look at your home in an objective and professional manner. She sees at a glance how you can turn your home into a super attractive place for a large target group. The better your home looks in real life and online, the more viewers you attract.

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