Zoom on real estate rental between individuals

Renting your property can be done by yourself and in this case, it is a rental contract between individuals. To…

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Avoid nomadic tenants as tenants of your own property

They’re probably a landlord’s biggest nightmare – nomadic tenants. But what is a nomadic tenant? Nomadic tenants are tenants of…

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12 things to do before renting an apartment

Thinking of moving? When it comes to renting or buying an apartment, caution is the best policy. If you find…

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Choosing a house to rent: tips and tricks

You’re looking for a rental home for a variety of reasons, such as marriage, a change of profession or just…

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4 tips for renting your seaside home

Beaches are perfect places to spend the vacations with family or friends. If you own a beachfront villa, you can…

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