Choosing a house to rent: tips and tricks

You're looking for a rental home for a variety of reasons, such as marriage, a change of profession or just moving to a new neighborhood. Renting a home can be a subject of many questions and sometimes it can seem overwhelming or a little scary. But to keep it exciting and fun, it's important to go over the rental agreement before signing, choose the right agency and negotiate well before closing.

Set a budget before renting a house

Before you start looking for a house or apartment, set a budget and check your finances. The average monthly cost of rent is 35% of your normal salary. But don't forget to budget for utilities such as gas, electricity and water, telephone and internet connections, cable TV and property tax. Don't forget to set aside enough money for food, household items and any other regular expenses. You may also have to pay a deposit, so make sure you do your math before you choose your property.

List what's important

Make a list of the non-negotiable items you need in your new home. These may include parking, pets, number of bedrooms, furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom or shower room, location... Whether it's a vacation home, a beachfront villa or apartments in a building or residence, it's important that your expectations are met. For a vacation rental, a fully equipped house is a must. For a house to live in, it must be well equipped and in good condition.  Once you have listed the essentials, prioritize your expectations against your search criteria. Once you have your list, the real estate agent should be able to clarify and find you your next property. In France, there are many properties and the prices of properties vary greatly depending on the region. 

A good real estate agent for reassurance

If you choose to use a real estate agent instead of searching for listings on your own, make sure you put your request in the hands of a responsible and competent agent. To do so, listen to the advice and recommendations of your acquaintances and the reviews available on the Internet. Agents are experienced and trained professionals who must undergo regular training to keep abreast of legislation and best practices in terms of home rentals. Good real estate agents are able to find you the best properties on the market.villa with garden and terrace, house with swimming pool, apartments with state of the art kitchen and bathroom. A house located in the heart of the city center is even possible for some of them. Using a real estate agency or agent makes the search much easier anywhere in France. 

Finding the right location to rent a house

Once you've identified an area, check local transportation, calculate your travel time and cost, especially if you're using public transportation. You need to have a clear idea of the area and locate supermarkets, pharmacies and other places that can serve you. In France, the most common cities where properties are concentrated are in the Alps, the Loire, the Bouches-du-Rhône and of course Paris. You can find any type of property with a variable rent according to your criteria. But booking houses and apartments in these places is sometimes a race against time. It is absolutely necessary to use the services of an agency to prevent the property from slipping through your fingers. Even for a short stay or during the vacations, properties are scarce and rent out quickly.

Tips and tricks before signing a home rental agreement

There are many things to consider, such as the type of contract, the conditions of the property and of course the rental price before you sign your contract. Renting an apartment is not the same as renting a house because of the conditions and the price of selling or renting an apartment. Rents are different depending on the property. So pay attention to the conditions and articles of your contract. The same goes for the conditions related to the location of the property which are very different in the heart of the city or in a village.  A few tips to remember before signing a rental contract for a house: - Never pay in advance before seeing the house, - When visiting the house or apartment, make sure that all appliances are working, - Make sure the plumbing is in good working order, - Check that the electrical system is up to code, - Verify the accuracy of the square footage with the house plan, - Make sure that the house is not under mortgage, seizure, non-payment of taxes. Renting a house, an apartment or a villa seems complicated but when you know your rights and you know what you are looking for, that is what matters. Also, focus on the location, price, criteria of your dream home, security, accommodations, all of these elements will play an important role in your choice. The conditions of the lease or sale must be clear and well defined before signing, so take the time to read the contract before signing and paying your first rent!

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