How to write an effective real estate ad?

Have you posted your ad for months and still haven't been able to sell your home? Have you received inquiries that have been followed by total disinterest? Or have you not yet received any results? There's no doubt about it: you too have fallen into the flood of banal, flat and detached ads. On average, a user spends no more than 10 seconds reading an ad, so it's essential that it be as clear and effective as possible.

Find a good title

The title is the first chance we have to get noticed among the endless list of ads. It should therefore intrigue and entice the user to click on your ad. It also has the important task of helping people access your ad through the search engine. Therefore, you need to enter "keywords" that will allow you to be as visible as possible. An effective title must be structured in an orderly manner, respecting a certain logic. First of all, you must indicate the type of property, specifying whether it is a studio, a two-roomed flat, a semi-detached house, etc... Then you must list the strong points underlined by adjectives that imply the potential buyer (e.g.: unobstructed sea view, detached house in the middle of nature, etc...). Finally, don't forget to indicate the location of your property, most online searches include this information: placing the city, the place, the neighborhood in your title will give the ad more chances to be found.

Insert a clear and precise description

Potential buyers looking for a home read thousands of ads every day, so you need to stand out. We therefore advise you to divide the description into different sections (rooms, features, services in the area, etc. ...) in turn composed of bulleted lists. To involve the reader emotionally, don't forget to enrich the description with adjectives that embellish the story (but be careful not to exaggerate, as you may get the opposite effect). Also, with your target in mind, indicate the services/attractions that the area in question has to offer: schools, hospitals, supermarkets, public transport, etc... As for the title, don't forget to include the strong points of your proposal, perhaps in a special paragraph. For example, if you have just had the windows and doors of your apartment changed, mention it, and since you have improved the energy class of your house with the new windows, mention it!

Take beautiful pictures that accurately illustrate your property

We live in the age of images. That's why you can't afford to fall short on this very basic aspect. If you are not very talented and you don't intend to hire a professional photographer, ask a friend or relative with a professional or semi-professional camera to help you. Let's take a look at the simple but fundamental rules for getting great pictures. Ambient lighting is a critical aspect of perfect photo success. Take photos on a sunny day with all the blinds open so as much light as possible can enter. Look for perspectives that best showcase the potential of your surroundings, leaving out the less attractive parts. Try not to fall into the mundane by snapping your fingers at face level. Then move your camera up or down to get suggestive angles. Organize your furniture perfectly and maybe embellish it with some accessories that will make your shot more interesting. But be careful not to overdo it or you'll create confusion. Don't forget to: photograph the exterior of the house, the view (if it deserves it) and enter the floor plan of the house (like the last image). If your shots are not as you imagined them, don't despair, there are several free and easy to use photo editing programs on the net. With these tools, you can crop photos and remove details you don't want to show, increase the brightness of dark photos and reduce the weight and quality of files so as not to overload the web page. Finally, we recommend that you have your ad evaluated by an outside person before putting it online, this will allow you to have an objective and disinterested judgment unlike yours which will always be influenced and conditioned by the emotional attachment to your home. All you have to do now is get to work and wait for the first contacts, good luck!

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