What is a notary’s real estate ad and how to take advantage of it?

The work of notaries is not only the preparation of contracts in authentic form for clients. The lawyer also has a commission of public authority in all areas of law: real estate, taxation heritage, family, business ... The public officer also has a site of real estate ads notaries.

The official site of the real estate of the notaries of France

By consulting a notaries' real estate site, the Internet user can access a service that allows him to discover upcoming sales, find a notary to sell, buy or undertake notarial sales. The notaries' official real estate portal also has a section entitled Auction sales. The site also has other practical services. For example, the Internet user can connect to the portal of the notaries of France to carry out a real estate valuation. The site helps the Internet user to find a real estate expert, provides some technical information especially by targeting the lexicon section or advice on real estate valuation methods. The information platform also provides other information on real estate prices, useful advice from notaries or tips on how to finance the purchase of real estate, proceed with the purchase of real estate in tontine or sale of real estate to renovate.

The notaries' real estate ads

The 100% notaries' real estate ads site is a means of carrying out a real estate appraisal for different categories of property, apartment, house, land, building. The site also offers a section dedicated to real estate ads devoted to the sale, rental, auction, sale in interactive real estate ®. The ads published on the official website of notaries concern different types of property: house, villa, apartment, garage, land, buildings, agricultural or wine-growing property, business... As with traditional real estate classifieds websites, the notaries' real estate ads section has a practical feature aimed at refining the results by determining the amount of property sought and defining other criteria such as surface areas, number of rooms and bedrooms.

The advantages of a notary's real estate ad

To take advantage of the notary's real estate advertisements, you can choose between auction advertisements, life annuity advertisements or rental advertisements. The advantage of this notary service accessible from a distance is that you can place a free real estate ad. Buyers looking for their real estate can sort the display of results by date of modification, increasing or decreasing price. The site also allows you to stay informed about the real estate prices for your area, this information allows you to estimate the cost of the property.

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