Zoom on real estate rental between individuals

Renting your property can be done by yourself and in this case, it is a rental contract between individuals. To ensure your project at best, discover how to rent your apartment quickly and efficiently! If this is your first time renting real estate between individuals, it is obvious that everything seems difficult to you, but rest assured, you can easily manage as long as you know how to do it!

Alliance Habitat : how to rent your apartment ?

Buying, renting and investing in real estate is a way to supplement your income. Having your own apartment is already an asset that will benefit you and to further optimize your financial life, you can simply rent it. For more details, click here. In this context, it is not always necessary to go through an agency, because you, as a private individual, will have the chance to carry out all the projects! In this case, you have the choice between renting an empty or furnished apartment, but also proceed to a seasonal rental. This is a basic question that you will have to stick to if you want to plan on renting your property. Knowing the type of rental you need, it will be more convenient to define the constraints you will have to submit to, without forgetting the realization of the adapted rental contract! In any case, the first step is to study the geographical area where your property is located. Is it in a city with a lot of tourist visits? If it is, a seasonal rental of your apartment is the best! Next is the determination of the duration of the rental: are you looking for temporary or permanent tenants? If your apartment is located in a student area, it is best to opt for a furnished rental. This is a very popular option and you will be able to offer a rate that is truly profitable for you!

Alliance Habitat: ensuring the condition of the apartment

Whether it is a rental between individuals or through a real estate company, the law always remains the same when it comes to ensuring the quality and safety of the premises. In this case, make sure that the apartment to be rented is decent and favorable to offer the quality of life that the tenants are looking for. For the constitution of the file of the rental contract, you will have to integrate also documents of real diagnoses (state of the natural and technological risks, PPR, and report of risk of exposure to lead and diagnoses of energy performance), while measuring the livable surface. For the latter, consider the Carrez law which implies that you should only count the area where the high ceiling is not below 1m80. Once these steps have been completed, you will be able to take care of the other useful details of the rental, including the setting of the rent. In this regard, every landlord wonders how to maximize his or her earnings, while having the chance to attract the most tenants. To put it simply, do a little research into the rates offered by the competition. By doing so, you won't stray too far from the local market and you'll have the chance to get an income that best suits your requirements.

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