4 tips for renting your seaside home

Beaches are perfect places to spend the vacations with family or friends. If you own a beachfront villa, you can rent it out on a seasonal basis to diversify your income sources. However, in order to find tenants quickly, you must follow a very precise procedure. Discover 4 tips that will allow you to succeed in renting out your property.

Entrust your property to a real estate agency

When you don't live near your rental apartment, it will be difficult for you to manage it properly. Indeed, you must be available to show your property to tenants. They may also require certain repairs. In this case, the best solution is to entrust the management of your apartment to a real estate agency. They will be able to provide you with a real estate professional who will take care of the visits and possible repairs. For example, if you have a property in Agay, the agency will also take care of communicating about the shops, the specialties of the French Riviera and the leisure activities organized in this region. This will allow you to easily find tenants. Some holidaymakers require that sheets and towels be provided by the apartment owners. It is therefore up to the rental management agency to meet their needs.

Place your rental ads online

If you can't use a real estate agent, you can register with an online listing site. No one is unaware of the power of these sites in terms of communication. The French government has even relaxed the regulations imposed on these sites. Vacationers who live far from the chosen vacation location turn to the listing sites to find out about available villas. They can then make a reservation request. Once you have registered, it is your responsibility to arrange for someone you trust to greet the tenants in case you are not available to welcome them. You should also provide them with information about the functioning of the apartments. This task can also be entrusted to a concierge company. Each listing site defines its own specificities. The commission therefore varies from one site to another. On some sites, registration is free. On the other hand, others prefer the subscription. It's up to you to decide which option you find more advantageous. To attract the attention of Internet users, you must take care of the photos of your property. It is on them that Internet users base their opinion. Before taking the pictures, you should tidy up all the rooms, clean them and beautify them with flowers. You can also put forward the decoration of the house. To give tourists confidence, you can use an accredited person in your department to classify your property. When writing your ad, you must provide all the necessary details (location, number of rooms, nearby tourist sites, etc.). It is desirable that the ad be written in French and English to reach a wider audience.

Seaside rentals: focus on periods of high demand

To make the most profit, you must arrange to rent your house at the best times. During the school vacations, the demand for beachfront vacation rentals is high. It is therefore easy to find tourists during these periods. The best times to rent also depend on the location of your home. If your property is located on the French Riviera, demand is recurrent from February to October. On the other hand, if your property is located on the Brittany coast, the months of July and August are the most favorable. In winter as well as in summer, houses located in a middle mountain resort can be rented. The weeks of conjunction of the European and French school vacations are considered the most profitable periods. It is important to note that vacation rentals remain a very competitive market. Therefore, whatever the period you choose, you must take good care of your house. It must be well equipped (dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, oven and many others). It should also be noted that tenants prefer houses equipped with a WI-FI connection.

Seaside rentals: set a good price

Setting the price of the rent is a major issue when considering placing your property in seasonal rental. This price must be attractive in order to collect a maximum amount of rent in a short period of time. To obtain the minimum amount for one night, you can add up the charges of the accommodation and divide them by the number of days in the year. To see what the market rate is, you can check the rates on specialized websites. Local events can increase these rates.

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