7 good reasons to use Google Adwords in real estate

Published on : 10 December 20215 min reading time
Created in 2000, Google Adwords or Google Ads is the advertising network of Google which allows to create and display the ads of a company or a brand in the first results of search engines. This is why it is interesting to boost real estate ads with a Google Ads campaign to increase sales.

Google Adwords as a good return on investment

The Google Ads strategy allows to boost the referencing of real estate ads by targeting the most relevant keywords to appear in the first results of search engines. Due to the large number of companies that choose the same keyword, it is highly recommended to create a special Google Adwords real estate campaign to develop its reputation. The return on investment of Google Adwords can be interesting. The more you invest on your campaign, the more traffic you can generate on your website. A good traffic will increase your chances to get more leads.

The ability to see Adwords activity in real time

More than two-thirds of marketers use sponsored links to complement their search marketing strategy. Real estate marketing has been steadily gaining momentum over the past few years. There is a significant advantage to using a content marketing and real estate advertising strategy simultaneously. The success of a campaign depends on the choice of Adwords keywords for real estate ads. That’s why it’s best to learn the different AdWords campaign lingo and know its features. Some of the AdWords features and terminologies include ad groups that include a specific set of keywords, bid insights to compare ads with competitors, cost-per-click (CPC) which indicates the number of times a user clicks on an ad, the impression that occurs each time an ad appears in a SERP (search engine results page) and the quality level, a qualification that takes into account the quality of the ad (example, keyword, link) and the page to which it is redirected to determine the ranking of an ad.

 Adwords helps to increase the visibility of a brand

Just because your ad gets a lot of impressions but very few clicks doesn’t mean the impact on your business isn’t positive. Your real estate listings can increase your brand’s visibility, simply by appearing in the SERPs. Through AdWords “audience” settings, it is possible to have visibility into the number of views on an ad, as well as demographic information about those particular users, including what area they reside in. Google AdWords syncs with some online video platforms, which offers the ability to boost web strategy and monitor performance from an AdWords account dashboard.

AdWords allows you to track many parameters

The most common marketing metrics such as website traffic, clicks, click-through rates, conversions etc. are the elements to monitor in an AdWords real estate campaign. With the boom of paid advertisements, it is necessary to have a daily follow-up on the campaigns. It is important that the ads appear in the top results of search engines, that the traffic of a site increases considerably and that a constant flow of leads is guaranteed. By working with Google AdWords on a daily basis, you can easily become familiar with the platform and improve the performance of your campaign. You will gradually identify the most important parameters for your brand and how to apply an A/B test for your ads and campaigns.

Identify a niche group of buyers and sellers with auditory surveys and keywords

Not targeting the right keywords for a real estate ad can hurt a website’s SEO. Google may decide not to show your ads in full in the search engines. That’s why it’s advisable to do regular keyword research for your SEO campaign since most “long tail phrases/keywords” are often useful for your AdWords campaigns. Google offers a keyword planner tool to search for terms and easily add them into a web strategy. This resource can provide a list of key terms that you should bid on.

Several keywords to increase your presence on search engines

The more good keywords an Adwords campaign contains, the more effective it will be. For example, if buyers search for a city with phrases like “single family homes for sale” and “single family classifieds” your ads will have a better chance of appearing in the first search results for this “long tail” term, but also above or near these organic results in an AdWords ad. By using the same terms in content and in an ad, you increase the chances of monopolizing SERP results and making your brand stand out among all your competitors.

You can benefit from more optimized advertising

Advertising on mobile devices is about to replace computers as the main driver in digital advertising. Mobile browsing is enjoying great success thanks to faster and more optimal navigation on smartphones and tablets, as well as the design being the must-have element of a website. Only the screen size varies between computers and mobile devices, hence the importance of designing a responsive site. Keep in mind that it is important to optimize campaigns for mobile in order to better target prospects.

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