Instagram at the service of real estate agencies

Real estate agencies are always looking for new ways to promote their business and property portfolios. In this regard, social networks, especially Instagram, are playing an increasingly important role as they allow to reach a large audience at a lower cost. What are the rules for attracting new customers on Instagram?

Good practices on Instagram

It is very important to use hashtags that match the location of the homes you are trying to sell. For example, a real estate agency in Corrèze should accompany their posts with the hashtag Corrèze. Hashtags allow Instagram's algorithm to understand what content is and, therefore, distribute it to the most potentially interested audiences. It's crucial to know how to take quality photos with the device you use to post on Instagram. Quality photos attract a lot more people, which is why they are so well received. Instagram users also have the ability to search for geotagged photos on the platform using a map. So be sure to accurately capture the location where you took the photo of the property you want to sell. Integrate your Instagram account with your other social networks by, for example, making sure that every post on Instagram is automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter. This cross-posting strategy can be very effective because it allows more people to see your posts.

Marketing strategy on Instagram

A real estate agency needs to define a marketing strategy by following some key points: defining a clear goal and a strategy to achieve it, publishing content frequently and consistently, and knowing your audience.  In the case of luxury real estate, it is a little different, you will have to implement specific strategies because the target in question has very specific demands and expectations.

Maximize the effectiveness of your profile

Although it is a social network where visual marketing is predominant by far, you can also optimize your profile with text by inserting a short biography of your real estate agency. It goes without saying that this brief description should summarize your values and mission. Do you have a website and a blog? Put links in your personal profile information. This technique helps drive traffic to your website and helps convert your users into leads or potential clients.

Create a content marketing plan

Posting photo after photo is not enough to be able to say that you are implementing a good content marketing strategy for your real estate agency on Instagram. You need to define the message you want to get across with this content. Only by knowing beforehand what you want to convey through an image or video can it be optimized for maximum engagement with your followers. Examples of images and videos that often interest audiences include real estate agency teams, how-to guides or videos of satisfied customers.

Define an editorial plan

Consistent, frequent and well-defined posting can be very helpful in creating maximum audience engagement, precisely because your audience knows when to expect your content. Ideally, you should post at least two pieces of content per day and test to understand which content is best suited to your audience's needs. Many studies indicate that the best days to post are Mondays and Thursdays between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., but it is advisable to test and understand when your users are most active.

Measure results

Was your strategy effective? To find out and to identify what needs to be improved, check the growth of followers and comments.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to post 15-second images and mini-videos in "story" format. This type of content is automatically deleted after 24 hours. From a strategic standpoint, storys are extremely well suited for behind-the-scenes content. You took a client to see one of your properties for sale? Why not create a series of stories presenting all the angles of the house or villa? Of course, don't forget that this format needs to be consistent with the content you are going to publish. If, between one photo and another, you've changed properties, create a complete text in which you explain the transfer of location, and then stay consistent with the story.

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