Selling your home: the importance of tidying up during visits from potential buyers

You want to rent or sell your apartment? Tidying up your apartment is the first thing to do if you want to convince the buyer or the tenant. So, to sell your house as soon as possible, all the rooms must be clean and in order. To do this, you can contact an interior designer or experts in decorating and cleaning. If you don't have the money to hire them, you can do it by looking at some tidying tips.

Make the house friendly from the first visit

The future landlord should never see dirty walls or messy closets. The bathroom should be clean as well as the kitchen. You should also arrange the furniture to save as much space as possible. If you have time, try to paint or clean the shelf and other wooden or metal furniture. For example, you can put a coat of varnish on the sofa and coffee table. In addition, all rooms in the apartment should be prepared. All rooms should be accessible during the visit. Therefore, all blocked doors should be repaired. Explain which rooms still belong to the apartment: the cellar rooms, an area in the attic, the bike room or the drying rooms. Make a complete visit.

Showcase all available rooms

This depends a lot on the layout of the apartment. Does the visitor stand directly in the living room, in the kitchen or is there a hallway? If the hallway is very small, it is often not even noticed at all, but the interested party goes directly to the first room. So surprise him with a highlight. For example with a large picture or by lighting the room particularly well. If possible hang a new watch on the wall and flowers that the coffee table. As for the kitchen, store all the utensils in the cupboard. Clean the floor with high end products with perfume to make your kitchen cleaner than usual. No more food should be lying around on the work table. Next, move on to tidying up the living room. Since the living room is usually the largest room in an apartment. You should do everything possible to make the buyer feel comfortable in the living room. To do this, if the living room is made of leather, you can wash it have cleaning products of major brands. Sometimes you also have the option of replacing the cushions. Put away the remote controls, place some magazines or books decoratively on the coffee table. If the wall color is a little dark, add picture frames or slate paint. Basically make your home a place you'd like to post on the networks for everyone to enjoy and swoon over.

The bathroom as an oasis of well-being

In the bathroom, cleanliness is the top priority. Clean especially thoroughly, hang clean towels. You can install shelves with some decorative objects. Regardless of the size of the room. It can have a huge effect on potential new tenants. Also find a way to save space in the bathroom. To design or decorate your bathroom, you can take inspiration from the decorating styles on Pinterest.

The bedroom as a cuddle zone

In the bedroom, most people are reluctant to let visitors in. Since it represents the most intimate room in the apartment. However, to properly present the apartment, you can not avoid letting future tenants in. In this room, it is important that the bed is well made with clean pillows and a large blanket radiates comfort. The room should be clean and beautifully decorated. Set up the tools intended for this room.

The children's room as a play paradise

If your apartment has another room as storage or something else, you can turn it into a room full of toys for children. This attracts a lot of visitors especially if they carry out with these children. You can also turn the other rooms into a studio or a playroom or a dressing room. Some landlords need an office too. So, you can turn your spare room into an office by buying custom-made furniture.

Repairs to make in addition to storage

  • Do a facelift
If your apartment has cracks or other problems, you should contact craftsmen for repair. A facade renovation also allows you to replace broken windows. The facade restoration is the most practical way to increase the value of a house.
  • Replace the locks
Security is very important. The buyer often asks about the stability of your neighborhood. So, before the visit happens, contact a locksmith to do maintenance or replace the old locks with new ones that are stronger and more modern. The landlord should feel secure once inside the house. The front door should be rigid with decorations such as: PVC, stainless steel, etc.

Why contact professional storage companies?

There are several reasons why you should hire experts. Whether it is for interior or exterior apartment storage, you can contact them. First of all, they can tidy up the outside of your house using modern tools. A professional storage company has all the necessary tools to make your home more user-friendly. This saves you from spending money to buy cleaning tools. An interior designer always has ideas for decorating any room. Thus, they give tips to cut down on expenses. Work at height like roofing should be done by expert craftsmen. Thus, the apartment storage experts know all the decorations compatible with every room of your house. You can continue your work and leave the storage in the hands of the experts. This will save you a lot of time and satisfy the future landlord. Only an expert can optimize the space in your home. They have the tools to clean the hard-to-reach corner. You can entrust the storage to an expert from top to bottom.

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