The qualities required to be a luxury real estate agent

Do you dream of showing luxury apartments or estimating incredible villas? It's true that the prestigious real estate agent has the opportunity to see places that are often unique. But before proceeding with your first transactions, you must be trained. You will then be able to advise your clients and sell them a property that meets their expectations. Are you still interested? Start by discovering the essential skills of a prestigious real estate agent.

Understand quickly all the requests of a client

A luxury real estate agent does not deal with the same kind of clientele as a classic real estate agent. The latter deals with all social classes, while the prestige agent specializes in a particular social category. To become a real estate professional who handles luxury property transactions, you must therefore be aware that the exchanges with future buyers are different. Generally speaking, a wealthy client is willing to invest the amount of money it takes to buy a villa or a mansion in his favorite residential area. However, they must first be convinced by the property. In his real estate project, he is looking for a value, a history, an environment and the luxury agent must be able to transmit all the necessary information to seduce his client. Empathy is already a basic quality for any real estate agent who wants to do his job well. On the other hand, prestige real estate implies meeting wealthy personalities who are well informed about the real estate market. They want to find the rare pearl that will embellish their public image. Even for a second home, expectations are high. The prestigious real estate agent must quickly grasp the personality of his clients, understand their lifestyle, their interests to hit the bull's eye. The luxury real estate agent must be ready to invest in a meticulous research.

To have the soul of an outstanding negotiator

If you are told that the prestigious real estate agent must be persuasive and know how to master the art of negotiation, does that surprise you? To leave the world of conventional real estate, you must have energy to spare. Prestige real estate is a closed environment, which only trusts professionals with a minimum of experience or who are a force of proposal. Indeed, the real estate agent of prestige is brought to carry out transactions of goods having a great venal value. The higher the amount of money, the more risks there are. A luxury real estate agent can hardly afford to lose a sale of this magnitude, at the risk of compromising his or her career. In order to be able to manage any situation and above all, to impose himself as a professional in this field, he must ensure his back. How can they do this? By diversifying his studies and skills. The general training to become a real estate agent allows to obtain a BTS in real estate professions, which can be completed by a professional license. The luxury real estate agent can have this background, but it would be regrettable to stop there. The secret to becoming a luxury real estate agent is to be an excellent salesman who has notions in marketing, but also in law. Business law is a branch of law that should not be neglected!

Work on your network to become a prestigious real estate agent

Luxury real estate agencies often deal with wealthy clients from all over the world. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a rich Hungarian heiress to want to buy a mansion in the Paris region. For this, this type of clientele does not go through the real estate ads posted on the agencies' websites. It is word of mouth that does some of the work. A duplex located on the top floor, with a marble kitchen and a patio has become available just in front of the Eiffel Tower? Buyers interested in this type of property use their contacts. And what about the prestigious real estate agent in all this? He must become a central figure in the search for real estate. To do this, having a large network is essential. So, on his side too, he must have good relationships to generate mandates. This can be done with other real estate professionals, collaborations are born this way. You should also not hesitate to expand your network internationally, to get in touch with agents all over the world. This is how foreign clients come to the country where the real estate agent works. In order to open up, you must be able to speak English very fluently! A language other than English is also a real plus to stand out.

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